Miraculous Flowers

There are flowers that provide natural healing remedies that have given birth to the flower therapy, a very old system of care that the World Health Organization has recognized as a therapeutic system since 1976. The benefits are many, both on the physical level and on emotional states, therapeutic properties of flowers act on the mental and mental level leading to a reharmonization of the emotional and physical plane. The healing essences do not act through chemical mechanisms, but as vibrational remedies that result in the rebalancing of the whole organism.

The birth of this system of care called floriterapia is due to Edward Bach, a Welsh doctor who maintained the importance of treating man, and not his illness, and who spent his entire life looking for new remedies among the natural essences to cure the imbalance that generates diseases of the body. But Bach is not the only therapist to have believed in the healing power of flowers. It should be remembered Ian White, a naturopath and homeopath who uses the plants and flowers of the Australian bush, the study of Himalayan flowers, the essences of Alaska, those of the Arizona and Californian desert.

Bach Flowers

Bach flowers are prepared based on extracts from wild flowers that can be taken individually or in association according to individual needs, and working on the re balancing of negative emotions that promote the onset of disorders. The benefits of the 38 Bach flowers are many, and among others you can cure situations of anxiety, stress, insecurity and depression, but also fatigue, colitis, skin diseases and gastritis. The use consists of taking 4 drops under the tongue for at least 4 times a day of the mixture corresponding to your weight.

Australian Bush Flowers

The Australian Bush flowers have re balancing qualities and have been used for centuries for therapeutic purposes by the aborigines. The Australian naturopath and biologist Ian White has developed nearly 70 floral remedies active on emotional, psychological, psychosomatic problems and on hormonal and immune balance. Even Australian Bush Flowers should be chosen based on the emotions that cause the greatest suffering, and the standard dosage is 7 drops to be taken under the tongue morning and evening. They can also be used by the dermal route, added to creams, massage oils, or diluted in the bath water.

Himalayan Flowers

Himalayan flowers are remedies to work on emotions to activate the processes of energy re balancing. Studied by the Australian researcher Tanmaya, the Himalayan Enhancers flowers can be taken on their own or together with the Bach Flowers or other flowers, and the dosage is 2 drops under the tongue morning and evening.

Alaskan Flowers

The Alaskan Flower Essence Project was created to research new flower essences from the territory of Alaska, which have to develop many survival strategies to survive in such a hostile environment. Equipped with uncommon healing properties, the 72 essences help to recover the psycho-physical well being, and once chosen the essence suitable for your case should be taken with 4 drops orally four times a day.

Arizona Desert Flowers

There are plants that have adapted to the arid conditions of the Arizona desert that have a long history of use in herbal medicine and alternative. Cinthia Athina Kemp Scherer has given life to the Desert Alchemy Flower Essences collection, 119 flower essences of the Arizona Desert that have therapeutic properties and are helpful in reducing stress, resolving emotional trauma and helping to deal with painful emotions.

California’s Flowers

Psychologists Richard Katz and Patricia Kaminski continued their studies of Edward Bach by discovering 100 new curative floral essences. Californian flowers are indicated for the treatment of spiritual issues, problems of the sexual sphere, family conflicts, different types of addictions. The choice of the right flower is always chosen in relation to the emotions to be re-balanced, and the dosage is 4.


It is known as “the patch of nature”. The yarrow-based dyes are capable of stopping blood loss. It prevents infections and is anti-inflammatory.


The natural antibiotic, perfect for treating infections in combination with other herbs. If you have a cold, sore throat or flu, try the honeysuckle infusion. It is said to be excellent even against hiccups.


It is the flower of the heart. It is used to treat the circulatory system and manages the secondary symptoms of heart patients, such as shortness of breath, fatigue and swelling.


It is also called zafferanone, and in fact they derive a tincture similar to saffron. But here we are interested in the treatment of menstrual cycle disorders, from cramps to amenorrhea


Much used in Chinese medicine, the lotus flower is mainly used to regulate the loss of blood from the nose, but also fever and irritation.


The ally of your nose. It’s perfect for freeing it from congestion, or for relieving chronic sinusitis. We bet you’ll remember, the next time you see one?


An old acquaintance of the Aztecs and the Spaniards. This elaborate flower serves to calm anxiety and combat insomnia. Try it as an infusion as an alternative to valerian or chamomile.


The fragrant flower of the olmaria is an excellent diuretic. It is also a good anti-pain, so much so that they also call it “the aspirin of nature”.


In the past it was used to counteract snake venom. Today it is mainly used to lower fever and treat inflammation.